I, Christopher, am an Artist-Educator. Art became alive in me at the age of three when my older brother, Jerry, taught me how to transfer the images in my mind onto paper. I haven’t looked back since. Through my traumatic upbringing, I found that engaging in fine art brought me (and continues to bring to me) a steady sense of peace. By God’s grace and through the persistent nurturing of some pretty awesome middle and high school educators, I attended Boston College and graduated with a degree in Studio Art. Upon completion of my undergraduate degree, a mentor referred me for a building substitute position with the Boston Public Schools. 
Before long, I found myself in a classroom with a long-term substitute assignment for a math teacher who had gone on maternity leave. I hated math. I wanted to teach art; but something happened. My students excelled. I began enjoying math. I found ways to use art to make mathematics interesting for students who beforehand hadn’t seemed to care. Connections were forming. Being able to see art through the lens of mathematics is crucial to how I create.
Today my work is inspired by my lived experiences. Through each piece I aim to educate as well as spark curiosity and dialogue.
Stay in touch for updates on what I’m creating next.
- Christopher Godfrey
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